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The best content marketing strategies use a blog post as a tool to gain an audience. Writing an engaging and valuable blog post needs time and effort. Here you need to develop a strategy for writing a good quality blog in record time. Writing the first few blogs will be tough but you will get to know your writing style, what your audience demands, and what works for you. Once you know what you need in a blog post you can develop a template or a specific format for writing your blog posts.

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Here we’re going to share a format for writing an expert blog post in less than two hours.

The basic format for writing a blog post is introduction, body, and conclusion. Once you have constructed this basic format you can add new sections or headings according to the requirement of the topic.

Another easy approach is to write a title, use main ideas as headings, write a conclusion, and then fill the headings with content.

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1. Title 

The first thing you need to do is to write a catchy title for your blog post. You can’t start writing without having a clear idea about its title. Try looking for inspiration, you can check out magazines or other blog posts to realize what kind of a title you must-have for your blog. Millions of blog posts are published every day thus you must make sure the title of your blog post delivers a solid punch.

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2. Introduction 

Write an articulate opening to your blog post that should be engaging, interesting, and promising. You can start the introduction with a short sentence, then incorporate an emotional response to highlight the problem. This part of your blog post should engage and hook people so that they read the rest of the blog. You can give an overview of what you are going to discuss in the blog post to keep your reader hooked. 

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3. Creating Body of Your Blog Post

The body of your blog post is where you provide most of the valuable content to your readers.

Adding Subheading

The body must have subheadings and each subheading should have a paragraph of about five to six lines. The subheadings of the blog post should use specific words and do not reveal everything. The subheading should try to incite an emotional response and keep the reader hooked. 

Linking to Other Websites

Adding links to your content increases the credibility of your content. You can add links to your website or other websites. Adding links in your blog post creates your perception as an expert. This is what a good blog post needs to like so you must try to incorporate links in your blog posts.

Adding Images

A picture says a thousand words, and without images, your blog is not going to stand out. There are many free photography websites available, or you can use paid photography websites as well. Do a quick search and add the best images to your blog post quickly.

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Make your Own Rules

Everyone has their writing style, so apart from using a general format for writing a blog post you can create your own rules. These rules can be about the number of pictures you want to add, the length of each paragraph or how you want to cite other blogs, and much more. As creativity and necessity have no limitations you go far beyond the generally followed formats. Remember these rules must help optimize your blog posts otherwise there are of use.

Writing a Conclusion

It is the last step of writing a blog post, but it is equally important to provide a final finish to your blog post. Add a heading for the conclusion, then you must summarize whatever you have discussed in the blog post and try to end the conclusion with a question. Asking a question at the end will engage people and they are more likely to comment on your blog post.

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The engagement on your blog post will increase sales of your product or services.

It is not necessary to ask a question at the end of every blog post, you should try what works best for you. Remember always close the blog post with a positive note.

It is important to write an engaging conclusion because many people open the blog post and then scroll through it, read the conclusion, and then go back to read the main body if they find the conclusion valuable.

Pro Tip

Now you have a voice typing tool, you can dictate, and it will be done swiftly. Usually, these voice typing tools have outstanding accuracy. You won’t have any problem unless there is some pronunciation issue.


Writing an excellent blog post in a short time is possible if you are well organized and maintain your blog-writing template. A rational time can be spent on searching for content and then filling the template. We hope this blog post format will help you in writing fast. 


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