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Harness the Power of Text Messaging, Emails & A.I. To Generate Leads On-Demand & For Almost Any Niche!


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Start 2021 With New Marketing “Super Powers” That Make You Un-Touchable in Your Market!

How much faster and cheaper do you think you’d be able to grow your business if you had marketing “superpowers” like these?

  • Quickly & Easily Import a List of Contacts & Using A.I. – Automatically Scrubbing Your Data to Save You Time/Money!
  • Grab ANY file with a list of contacts and our system will use sophisticated AI technology to read your data and ready it for upload! We’ll AUTOMATICALLY scrub your data against the national DNC, known TCPA litigators list as well as filter out ANY landlines!

Register and Purchase Your Software

  • Send Personalized, Compliant & Non-Spammy SMS & Email Messages To Contacts With 1 Click​​​​​​​
  • The machine will automatically personalize each message while leveraging our built-in message spinning technology to keep the same message from being delivered over and over to multiple different contacts!
  • Let Our A.I. Technology Do The Communicating For YOU!
  • After sending your messages, our advanced A.I. (artificial intelligence) technology will READ & RESPOND to EVERY incoming message according to what your contact is saying and ONLY send you the ones who are ready to say “YES” to your offer!  Our AI will even gather the required LEGAL permissions that you need to send marketing information via text message!
  • Automated Information Delivery & Follow-Ups
  • The machine goes a step further in actually DELIVERING the requested information to your newly qualified lead via email!  Don’t have an email address of a contact? No problem! The machine will gather it for you!
  • Become a Reseller to Earn Juicy $1,000 Commissions!
  • For a limited time and for a limited number of people, you’ll be able to get a reseller license to SELL YesMachine to other business owners and pick up juicy $1,000 commissions paid directly to you however you choose!  No complicated compensation plan here. Make a sale, get paid $1,000. Simple as that!

Talk To AVA: 863-733-8924

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Here’s wishing you lots of success with Textbot.ai


Carl L. Heegaard

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