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How Social Commerce Is Changing the Online Shopping Experience

Globally over 4.55 billion people use social media, with TikTok as the fastest growing social media platform in 2021. The influence and power of social media cannot be vandalized. Every year new social media tools are launched, and social media trends are created and followed. People come up with new trends to create more succinct and engaging content.

Here we will share the top social media trends for 2022.

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1. Shorter Videos

Recently TikTok has created a boom worldwide in a brief span of a few years with its short video sharing feature. In 2022 this trend is going to continue, and other social media platforms will enable short video features for their users. Instagram has already launched its feature called reels to cater to short videos. Reels allows you to make jest videos to share with your mates or publicly with everyone using Instagram. Instagram Reels authorizes to create and edit 15 seconds videos with audio, effects, and the latest creative features.

YouTube Shorts is another short video-sharing feature presented by YouTube. YouTube Shorts allows its users to create and upload 60 seconds videos. According to the HubSpot blog, approximately 64% of marketers will use short videos in 2022. The short video trend is successful because people enjoy concise, engrossing videos. Another highlight is that these videos can be reused across several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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5 short-video platforms worth knowing – TikTok, Triller, Instagram

2. Unprecedented Social Media Strategy

Thousands of new businesses enter social media and use ads to reach out to the maximum number of people. According to research done by Hootsuite, smart marketers are eventually reaching out to the community specifically by partnering with social media creators to link with new audiences, gain their confidence, and earn capital. Customers are giving value to creative social media advertisements, but they are selective and award only those who do it just right. Brands have realized the significance of social media marketing, and they are keen to figure out ingenious practices to expand their influence on the audience and stand out in 2022.

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3. Hiring Social Media Strategy Specialists

Many leading brands ignore the significance of a social media team, and they do not have a well-oriented social media strategy. Usually, they rely on a few individuals running their social media. Such a disoriented social media approach is damaging for valuable revenue generation. People demand creative, attractive, and responsive social media engagements. They would like to call, chat, or email the brand for their queries and look for an immediate response. To channel this potential and use it appropriately to earn capital brands need to hire specialists for social media strategy. This specialist will develop targeted strategies keeping in view the brand’s goals and audience’s requirements.

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Digital Marketing Social Media Strategy, in Pan India, | ID: 20540096930

4. Platform Diversity and Omnichannel

It’s all about your presence on social media, and capacity to reach out to maximum people across different social media platforms and get the maximum profit out of it.

It is hard to be on just one platform like Facebook and achieve your business goals. To hit the maximum audience, present on social media you cannot stick to the top three or four platforms, considering people have their preferences regarding social media platforms.

It’s time and requires getting a more diverse approach to stand out or meet your goals.

What Is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy? |

For this purpose, you need to employ an omnichannel strategy to build a seamless experience for consumers across all the platforms you use to sell products. It acts as a commerce technique that concentrates on constructing a near-seamless shift through different media platforms by integrating and handling them from one unified forum.

The benefit of Omnichannel permits merchants to acquire better availability, incorporate digital touchpoints, and operate deals and traffic. The retail strategy employing omnichannel enhances the buyer experience and delivers additional media for a client to buy through web, mobile, or in stores.

5. Social Commerce

Ecommerce is a well-known term and phenomenon, yet social commerce is a relatively new term with its influence far deeper. People heavily rely on social media to search for products, but now they are using these platforms to buy products. This trend is going to gain pace in 2022 and beyond. People find it easier to search and compare products while using social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They also get direct user feedback during product searches. This allows them to make quick and better purchases and additional profiting the brands. Apart from regular posts, these social media platforms have an option for going live with your audience. Start talking about the products or services you provide and start selling right then and there.

Where Social Commerce Revenue Comes From [Infographic]

How Social Commerce Is Changing the Online Shopping Experience


The influence of social media trends is undeniable, significantly post-pandemic. Targeting the right community, employing omnichannel, gaining customer confidence and profit with accurate social media strategy and social commerce will be the leading trends for 2022. We hope you will follow them and stay ahead of the rest.

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