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Hello friends and welcome!  My name is Carl Heegaard and, just like you, I’ve been looking for a low-risk, a high return side business to supplement my income.

It is more important than ever RIGHT NOW to…MAKE MONEY DIFFERENTLY…to Secure your Future in these Uncertain and Unpredictable Times!




A System so Simple, so Sensible, so Sustainable, so Secure

It has Everyone in a Mad Dash to CASH IN NOW


The sooner you ACT the sooner you EARN!


After plenty of research (and some costly trial and error), I’m confident I’ve hit the sweet spot!  Read on to learn just how easy it is to set yourself up for life for as little as $20/month.

Because you’re about to get instant access to…


This is the only Global Opportunity where you can start from as little as $20 a month and earn up to $20,000 monthly.

PLUS: The average family can easily save $4,900 a year – and far more if you take advantage of all the special offers and discounts available to you.

This exclusive Membership Program offers you substantial discounts and cashback on a host of products and services, including:

  • Apparel & Accessories                   Beauty & Fragrances                 Car Buying & Auto Deals
  • Business & Office Supplies          Cell Phones                                    Education & Training
  • Electronics                                         Entertainment                             Financial Products
  • Flowers & Gifts                                 Food & Fast Food                        Go Green Products
  • Health & Wellness                          Home & Family                            Home Buying & Selling
  • Insurance                                           Pet Supplies                                   Sports & Fitness

Tickets  Travel Deals and much more!


  • Thousands of $249 per week condo vacations (with no timeshare presentations)

  • Save from 20% to 75% on a choice of over 1 million hotel rooms

  • Exclusive deals on car rentals and ocean cruises worldwide

  • Unlimited $100 restaurant vouchers for only $11 each

  • A $3,000 value Platinum Member dream vacation!

REMEMBER: You get ALL THIS for a Membership Fee starting from $20 a month!

And this offer is for EVERYONE interested in sharing savings opportunities with family and friends, and for those too, who want to benefit from an extensive selection of all-year savings on a host of goods and services we all buy every day.

There are very few opportunities to earn extra income – or ways to supplement your salary so that you can eventually ditch your day job – that involve no selling at all, and this is one of them.

NOTE: Besides referring friends and taking advantage of all the special offers available exclusively to members, there is absolutely NO SELLING involved whatsoever!

This is a Referral Membership Savings Program

We DO NOT sell Timeshare or Travel

(and then into the system and explain it as comprehensively and yet as concisely as possible)

We sell Memberships that offer amazing deals on travel and many other benefits our members are compensated for with huge savings.

How is it possible to Save up to 75% on Hotels & Condos?

See our offer at My20DollarTravelBusiness based on massive discounts from public booking travel sites. These sites get their prices at net-rate wholesale prices, then mark them up 20% 50%, 100%, or more.  Our membership offer is created around a travel engine not available to the public.

Because our Members-Only Travel Engine is powered by a 23-year-old company, My20DollarTravelBusiness, with an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau®) and has sold over 4 Million Memberships, we are extremely confident that this program works.

Instead of marking up prices as public search engines do, My20DollarTravelBusiness providers make their money on Memberships and use a much smaller mark-up. This means real savings for ALL the members.

Why My20DollarTravelBusiness?  It is all about EARNING MONEY as a Member through their incredible compensation plan and, SAVING MONEY, not only on hotels and condos but on many other real-time daily offers that we all use and need.

Now you will be able to save on more than travel with daily savings programs available in many countries.  As a Member of My20DollarTravelBusiness, you receive great deals and cashback on…



There are thousands of beautiful resort vacations in the USA, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, South Pacific, South America, Central America, Africa, the Middle East, and more.

YOU can join right here: My20DollarTravelBusiness…Our Exclusive, Automated Income System?

This is the Only Global Opportunity where you can start for as little as $20 and earn up to $20,000 monthly in the Matrix PLUS Unlimited Customer Income with as little as 2 personally referred members!

Why Should YOU Choose Travel as a Home-Based Business? (Global No.1 Business Data Platform) reports Statistics & Facts: The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect, and induced) of over $8.27 trillion in 2019. And it’s expected to reach over $12 trillion dollars in the next years to come.

This is not a fad. And the only way people can get these kinds of amazing deals for EARNING and SAVING money is through Private Membership Offers like My20DollarTravelBusiness.

This is the Only Global Opportunity where you can start for as little as $1 and earn up to $20,000 monthly in the Matrix…PLUS Unlimited Customer Income with as little as 2 personally referred members!

1.   YOU WIN!

50% Fast Starts – no matter your level!

Yes, no matter what your membership level is, you can refer others and earn 50% Fast Start Commissions on their signup membership purchase.

For example, refer 10 Platinum Members and receive (10 x $50) = $500.

1) When you refer a Platinum Member for $100, you earn $50.

2) When you refer a Gold Member for $20, you earn $10.

3)  When you refer a Trial Member for $1, you earn 50 cents.

Whether you are a $100 Platinum, $20 Gold, or $1 Member, you earn the full 50% Fast Start on all your personal referrals for their Signup Level!

2.   YOU WIN!

Amazing 100% Infinity Coded Bonus!

You receive 50% Direct Fast Starts for each of your Personally Referred Members.

PLUS, YOU will receive a 50% Infinity Power Coded Bonuses for each new member in your power code!

That’s up to 100% FAST STARTS from the company that cares about your success!

When you refer 2 new members, you earn the Fast Start Bonuses and those members are “coded” into your sponsor’s Power Code. This means your sponsor is more interested in helping your referrals succeed!

Here’s how your Power Codes Work:

1.      On the first 2 referrals, you introduce, you receive 50% Fast Starts.

2.      Once you make your 3rd referral, you start your Power Code!

3.      Each referral you make from your 3rd referral on, including your 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and so on is in your Power Code.

4.      Each of their first 2 referrals is Coded to you.

5.      And each of their first 2 referrals is Coded to you.

NOTE:  When you help a Member in your Power Code to refer their first 2 new members, they receive the 50% Fast Start Bonus, and you receive the 50% Infinity Power Code Bonus!

And this can go to infinity, unlimited depth, and unlimited width! 

NOTE:  You can now access the contact information of everyone coded to you in your Members Area, then contact them and help them refer their first 2.

WHY? Because every time you help them introduce a new Member and they earn 50%, so do you…. to infinity!

If you work with those in your power code, you never run out of leads!

Power Codes Create Millionaires!

My20DollarTravelBusiness is the fastest-growing referral marketing company in history that created many millionaires used the power code to grow bigger than ever imagined.

3.   YOU WIN!

Discover Your $240,000 Annual Matrix!

1.      You start your business for $100 as a PLATINUM member or $20 as a GOLD member depending on the benefits and path you choose.

2.      You refer 2 people who also want great savings and benefits.

3.      You help them refer 2 people each.

4.      They do the same, and so on, and so forth…

5.      You earn between $4,000 and $20,000 Monthly, that’s up to $240,000 per year!

When this hits 10 referral level, you’ll be earning between $4,000 and $20,000 Monthly depending on how many Platinum’s and Gold’s are in your 2 x 10 Forced Matrix Network.

Discover Your $240,000 Annual Matrix!

‍PLATINUM MATRIX = $20,510 Monthly!

Direct: 20%

Level 1: 5%

Level 2: 5%

Level 3: 5%

Level 4: 5%

Level 5: 5%

Level 6: 5%

Level 7: 5%

Level 8: 5%

Level 9: 5%

Level 10: 5% plus a 10% bonus = 15%

Total Paid: up to 80%

‍PLATINUM Matrix: Up to $20,510 Monthly or $246,120 per year!

Discover Your $49,248 Annual Matrix!

GOLD MATRIX = $4,104 Monthly!

Direct: 20%

Level 1: 5%

Level 2: 5%

Level 3: 5%

Level 4: 5%

Level 5: 5%

Level 6: 5%

Level 7: 5%

Level 8: 5%

Level 9: 5%

Level 10: 5% + a 10% bonus = 15%

Total Paid: up to 80%

GOLD Matrix: Up to $4,104 monthly or $49,248 per year!

1.   YOU WIN!


Coming Soon in Version 3.0!

The statistic shows that 5% of people are entrepreneurs, while 95% of people are customers. This means you literally have billions of potential customers who want to SAVE money on hotels, condos, cruises, and car rentals.  And EARN while they learn.


Your Unlimited Potential Customer Only Income can be much bigger than your matrix income because you can earn unlimited width up to 10 referral levels on customers you refer two, and those referred by the people you introduce, and so on.

Unlike the Matrix income, you can have unlimited numbers of customers in our 10 level Uni-Level, Unlimited Width, Customer Only Program!

‍What if a customer wants to join the business?

‍Customers will later have an opportunity to join the business if they click on the “Friends and Family” link in the emails we will send them featuring great deals in our travel engine.

Customers will not receive marketing texts or calls from us about the business.

The customer program is coming soon, so join us today and be ready, so you do not miss out on this amazing, unique opportunity!

5.   YOU WIN!


In version 2.0, Gold Members who earn at least $300 in a calendar month will be AUTOMATICALLY upgraded to Platinum Members the following month…creating more income for the team and providing the upgraded member all the benefits of the Platinum Membership.

In the event a Platinum Member wishes to downgrade to Gold, they may do so by emailing customer support 5 business days in advance of recurring billing.

The Automated System helps everyone involved win!

6.   YOU WIN!



1.      Earn commissions on all New and Recurring Sales from Sunday to Sunday.

2.      Wait just 1 week while we make all calculations, and award prizes.

3.      Then get paid by Check, Direct Deposit outside the USA or Bitcoin Worldwide.


Members wishing to get paid by Bitcoin will need to provide a government-issued photo ID upon request.

NEW: Global Debit Card:

We will also soon be launching our own Global Debit Card and all members will be able to get paid through the card. You will be able to use a physical card or virtual account backed by a bank.

7.   YOU WIN!


There are 7 Billion people on the planet. You only need to refer at least 2 who want to save on hotels and condo vacations and help them do the same, and they do the same, and so on. 

Who wouldn’t want to spend $20 to Save $100 per night on a Hotel or $1,000 on a vacation?  It just makes sense!

Simple Success System:

1.      Make a list of 20 to 30 people you know who would like to save on Hotels, Condos, Cruises, and Car Rentals, and pretty much everything they buy… or maybe they want to make extra money… or both!

2.      Tell them you found something awesome and would love their advice and Just send them your link!

3.      With your sponsor or Power Code Team Member, follow up with them and help them to join. If they don’t join, go to the next one until you have at least 2 personal referrals. You will also receive 50% on each for a total of 100% Fast Start Commissions.

4.      Even if 90% didn’t join you, you can still win and earn up to $20,000 monthly!


The FAST TRACK to $20,000+ Monthly:

‍Work with your sponsor and Power Code Team Leader!

Use the recorded Webinars Too!

Day 1:  You refer 2 members to join you on your personal website.

‍Day 2:  Help them refer 2 each = 4 more Members.

Day 3:  Those 4 refer 2 each = 8 more Members.

Day 4:  Those 8 refer 2 each = 16 more Members.

Day 5:  Those 16 refer 2 each = 32 more Members.

Day 6:  Those 32 refer 2 each = 64 more Members.

Day 7:  Those 64 refer 2 each = 128 more Members.

Day 8:  Those 128 refer 2 each = 256 more Members.

Day 9:  Those 256 refer 2 each = 512 more Members.

Day 10:  Those 512 refer 2 each = 1,024 more Members.

At the end of 10 days, you have over 2,000 Members in your 2 x 10 Forced Matrix Organization and you are on your way to $4,000 to $20,000 Monthly income.

Month after month… Up to $240,000 per year!

NOTE:  This is not a guarantee but shows the possibilities.


‍People are joining like crazy. How many do you want in your team? Don’t miss out…

Sign Up…Now!

Your Sponsor:

Carl L. Heegaard

Aventura, Florida, USA

Talk to Buck “1BuckSystem”:  +1 (520) 582-9088

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