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Creative worksHave you ever felt too sick to go to the doctor? Well, it doesn’t seem to make any sense. You’re, not alone. Getting medical care is time-consuming and expensive patients spend an average of more than two hours in a doctor’s office for each medical visit, the average cost for a non-emergency medical visit is 68 when you or your child are sick.


You can’t, be worried about things like time or money. You need to focus on feeling better fast and even worse. Research shows that only 25 of medical visits actually need to be handled in person. Ailments such as coughs colds, sinus problems, flu, and more don’t require an in-person consultation.

So why on earth are we spending so much time and money in a waiting room? Now you don’t have to introduce ondoc.  Ondoc is a simple, affordable, and convenient monthly subscription service that gives you access to doctor visits by phone or online for less than a tank of gas.

Here are some of the best parts. First, get benefits no matter what Ondoc costs the same, whether you have insurance or not, second, get visits. Your way, medical visits are available via phone call, video chat, email, or on your smart device.

Third-get additional services. An on doc subscription also gives you access to health advocates who can help you sort out medical bills and insurance claims, clarify benefits, and more fourth, get access for your kids too.

An on doc subscription can be used for yourself and any dependents for no additional cost. Sound too good to be true: it’s, not here’s, how it works step, one get sick step, two set up a call or video chat with a board-certified doctor step.

Three discuss your symptoms and treatment options right over the phone step, four starts getting better, where necessary, a doctor can call a prescription into your local pharmacy. It’s that easy, so stop waiting around and overspending and start feeling better now, with on doc.


Learn more today and take control of your medical care and life with Ondoc

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