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DFY Reverse Income Software System


The System Itself is a catalog of over 4,000 affiliate products that you can make money with. The software that comes with the system will automatically set up your affiliate links on the pages that it comes with which will credit you the sale when someone purchases through your links. CBMoneyVine is a referral membership site with a list of 4,000+ products from ClickBank.

The first thing you will have to do is join,  then there will be a process which is outlined below:

  • The first thing you will get is a website coded with your affiliate links that contain over 4,000 affiliate products that people can purchase. In order to keep that website, you must purchase one of the products per month.
  • You will have to continue to purchase 1 new product from that website each month to keep your website.
  • When you invite people or drive traffic to your website, your new members will have to do the same.
  • The sales that are made by your new members will go to you.
  • Let’s say that one of your members has been promoting and selling the program to others, and they have a team of people purchasing a new product and your member fails to purchase one of the products the next month to keep their website.
  • Those team members from the personally recruited member will all be coded to you, and their sales will be yours from that point moving forward.
  • There is also an autopilot option where all you have to do is put yourself on a $20 per month subscription, so you don’t have to choose a new product each month and don’t have to remind yourself where the required purchase is done for you.

What’s The Cost To Join CB Money Vine?

The cost to join CBMoneyVine is $20 per month.

You will need to continue paying the $20 fee each month to keep your affiliate website and the downline team members that pay you commissions each month. Clearly a lot more economical if you buy something for $5 and send the receipt, then you’ll be eligible as an affiliate for a month, and keep buying something to renew your affiliate status every month thereafter

CBMoneyVine is a handy affiliate marketing method because it doesn’t require you to have a website. It means literally, anyone can start it today, start promoting it across social media. Having said that, the idea of a reverse income system – making a commission by promoting ClickBank as a whole – is unique. And also it allows anyone to start affiliate marketing. Whether the system is good for you or not – sign up for free and the decision is up to you.


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