Can you start Digital Marketing using Phone in 2022

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Digital marketing is the new big thing in e-commerce.

The fact is we all are glued to our phone screens almost all the time.

So, can you start digital marketing through our phone?

Well, digital marketing employs all online available services to promote their brand.

So, in this blog, we are going to share with you how to start digital marketing in 2022 through your phone.

Digital marketing enables the communication between potential customers and brands through the Internet. The services such as social media, email, text and multimedia messages, and online advertisements are the tools for digital marketing.

Nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone, and they have access to Internet 24/7. But the question is how well you can do digital marketing by using your smart phone?

Well, the answer is there are a lot of things that you can do using your cell phones. There are few things that would only be done in a proper way using a laptop/desktop. It all depends on what you want to do.

So, let’s discuss the options available for digital marketing using smartphone

1. Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is using some social media tool these days, Instagram alone has millions of users globally.

Instagram is known for sharing pictures, what you can do is take pictures from your cell phone and start content creation. Once you post a picture you must engage with your audience, it gets tough to be active and responsive on your post through a laptop. But you can engage actively through your smartphone, in fact a laptop would not support all the features of Instagram. So, it is better to use a mobile phone for using Instagram rather than a laptop.

TikTok is another social media tool you must use to create content and engage with people through your phone. TikTok allows you to create short videos and upload them, your audience will watch like, and share the videos. All this process will be done through mobile phone. In fact, you can create more than one video every day and keep people engaged. TikTok can be used best from your mobile phone, laptops, and desktop computers uh not portable and you can not a whale maximum benefit of digital marketing.

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2. Content Creation

Content creation it’s very important in digital marketing. To create better content, and especially the one that stands out you must go to the best places to take photos or selfies, shoot videos, or shorts. For this multitasking, your mobile phone will act as an all-in-one device. Well, you won’t need a professional camera to make content for your digital marketing your mobile camera and the apps installed in it are the best way to do it. There are many apps available for editing and creating visual content, you can download them on your cell phone and use them wherever and whenever you want. the most used apps for creating visual content are Adobe Lightroom and Canva.

3. Scheduling Content 

Another important digital media marketing strategy is scheduling your content. To get maximum visibility and engagement with your audience you must choose the right tool and schedule your content accordingly. There are many applications available that allow you to schedule your content from your phone for several platforms. Buffer, Hootsuite, and Facebook Page Manager are a few of the apps you can rely on for scheduling your content.

Many people use cell phones to run advertisements on social media. Well, it might be successful for them according to their targeted goals but it’s not a good option to use mobile phones to run social media advertisements. The point is mobile phones are convenient, and portable and they have access to almost everything on Internet but fixing your code or doing an SEO keyword search can get tricky or messed up. So, it’s better to use laptops on desktops when you want to work on these things.

The bottom line is there is a mobile-friendly version available for apps like Ubersuggest, but writing an article augmenting title and meta description, editing images, and giving final touches to your blog won’t be possible without a laptop.

So the cool thing about a phone is you can do a lot of the stuff you need to do on a daily basis from your phone, but you can’t do everything from a phone. A lot of the stuff that is one-off or stuff you don’t need to do daily, a lot of those things you’ll need a desktop computer.

The fact is you can do successful social media marketing with your mobile phone. In case you need to work on web ads, improvise campaigns, fix, and send emails, and analyze data you must use the laptop.

So, the best part is you should take maximum advantage of your mobile phone but don’t try to drag things out of the way. they will become difficult and messy for you.

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