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Just like any business owner needs more customers, a website owner needs more traffic. If you are about to start a website or want to boost traffic to your website, you must go through these 8 swift and free steps. These strategies are beneficial for new websites as well as websites demanding more traffic. However, to get the best results use these tricks consistently. These tactics work fast and bring traffic to your website in the first few weeks.


1. Quora

Yes, you read it right.

Quora is a top-ranked online social destination for questions and answers. So, when someone asks a question related to the article on your website, simply answer the question and link the related article. This will give an instant boost in traffic to your website by channeling visitors from Quora.

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2. Canva 

Create infographics using Canva, people value infographics because they get the best information quickly. You must search for top-rated websites using Ubersuggest to obtain data for the infographics.  Cite your sources and give them credit by sharing their URLs.

Ubersuggest backlinks report will show you the people linking the cited source. Ask them to link your infographics, this will provide you with more referral traffic and enhance SEO traffic over time.

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3. Facebook Groups

Facebook has over 2 billion active users and over 1 billion people use it each day. One of the best, free and steady ways to boost your website traffic is by creating or joining Facebook groups. Find your relevant Facebook groups and ensure your participation. By locating your like-minded people, engaging with them, and by adding valuable content you can achieve the targeted traffic for your website. Keep sharing more content and building an audience, and it will ensure more traffic to your website. It takes time and patience but promises best results.

7 tips on how to make good use of Facebook groups in terms of marketing |  Newsfeed.org

4. Instagram Stories

Utilize your Instagram account to get maximum traffic.

Start making IG stories multiple times a week and share content about what you are promoting or selling. Make your followers go to your website by swiping up and increasing direct traffic to your website.

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5. Restream 

Use Restream to multistream and do live sessions to promote your products, blogs posts, podcasts, etc. Restream allows you to reach out to maximum people across multiple social media platforms. This will engage your audience using different social media platforms simultaneously, including some of the popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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6. Carousels on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is another highly recommended online tool designed to promote business and employment-related activities. LinkedIn offers a unique Carousel feature for sharing a PDF file. It turns PDF into Carousel, making it more likely an infographic. Carousel posts are visually appealing, and users can scroll through them without leaving the website. This will create more engagement in the post, comments, and followers. Keep posting Carousels to your LinkedIn feed to increase followers and create a bigger LinkedIn audience. So, when you post an article from your website you will get a great response from your LinkedIn followers.

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7. Twitter

A top-rated social networking platform, connecting people and allowing them to communicate and share their thoughts. Twitter can be extremely valuable in the B2B segment, people on this platform are responsive and willing to share their views openly. You must participate consistently and leave comments, especially on viral stuff. This will help you gain more followers and build a growing Twitter audience. Once you start sharing articles, blog posts, products, etc from your website, your Twitter audience will show response and will certainly increase traffic to your website.

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8. Releasing A Free Tool on Your Website

Internet is now an overcrowded space undoubtedly, but you can nevertheless slash through the bunch by utilizing the suitable tools and approaches. If you are creating a new website, start with releasing free tools to enhance website traffic. It is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website without much hassle.

For instance, you can use CodeCanyon to get a free tool and release it on your website, a modern way to expand your website. But you must keep in mind, that free tools have limitations, and you can’t gain overwhelming traffic to your website free on a big scale.  Most traffic-generating tools are expensive, so you can look for tools under $20 to optimize traffic to your website. It’s a long-term but very effective strategy, contributing to exponentially increasing traffic on your website.


These free and fast ways will initiate your traffic for your website and some of them are robust. Try to get more targeted traffic on your website. We recommend using all these strategies and be consistent to get maximum traffic and a high ranking for your website. However, using a few of these and being consistent will also yield good results.



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